Gallery: Our Leaving BBQ

IMG_2128.JPGThis weekend we had our leaving do, a hilariously emotional affair that tied in nicely with Steve’s birthday. Nestling in between bouts of rain and gusts of wind, the weather for the actual bbq itself was beautiful, and once everybody had their beer jackets on it was pretty warm in the evening too!

Already looking forward to Musical Chairs for our return do (must retain my title) and I also think we have an entrant for Britain’s Got Talent in the contortionist category! We’d like to give a special mention to Kerry & Graham for joint-hosting the event and supplying many tables and chairs, Ryan for a stirling job on the bbq and keeping everyone fed, Rich for merrily rallying around Wiltshire to pick up my camera lens, and Michael Michael for drawing an awesome Octopus on our birthday map.

Thanks to everybody once again for the cards etc – it was a cracking way to depart, with many emotional goodbyes. Cheers… see you soon!

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The first post for the new Mr & Mrs site!

The StorkWhile informative and by definition unavoidable, this first post remains slightly pointless as nobody else has the access to see it until other, more interesting content has been put above this. Therefore it is a test.

For those that will eventually see this, our hope is that this site (by the time we arrive at Heathrow for our first flight) becomes a point of useful advice, a place for our friends and family to check we’re still alive, and a modern day diary for us to look back on when we return to remind us of the journey. Continue reading The first post for the new Mr & Mrs site!…