Country Overview: The Gambia

IMG_1980.jpgIntroduction: Situated on the Atlantic coast in westernmost Africa and surrounded on three sides by Senegal, Gambia is twice the size of Delaware. The Gambia River flows for 200 mi (322 km) through Gambia on its way to the Atlantic. The country, the smallest on the continent, averages only 20 mi (32 km) in width.

We visited here for just a week on our honeymoon, and spent a whole three days by the hotel pool – it would have been great to relax but there’s just so much to see! The Gambia has on one side some beautiful beaches, absolute luxury, wonderful wildlife and amazing food. On the other, there is a high mortality rate, very low pay, low education, and everything else you might link to an poor African nation. However, the vast majority appreciate that tourism is one of their major incomes, and as a result are incredibly polite and friendly, and genuinely interested in you and what you do.

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Gallery: The Honeymoon


Here are the pics of our glorious honeymoon – on the continent of Africa which is the somewhere we won’t be getting to revisit on our trip round the world. Which is a great shame, as its an amazing place with wonderful diversity and immensely friendly people. Plus, wierdly, some of the best steak we’ve ever eaten which we didn’t see coming!

Putting this up now, four months later, reminds me we’re going to all the effort of this website… I’m starting to forget parts already! Ten years from now it’ll just be a fond blur. As long as we’ve written it down here, it’ll be something we can look back on and tell our kids about. Of course they’ll be disappointed it isn’t in 3D smell-o-vision, but they can’t have everything. We’ll be putting our thoughts on Gambia in a different post, but enjoy the photos below.

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