Gallery: The Living Rainforest

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We’re nearly there, house virtually let, various assets almost sold, house mostly vacated, gear & gadgets mostly purchased. Our flight to Rio is only a fortnight away!

So, in further preparation we thought we’d take a visit to The Living Rainforest, an eco-greenhouse in Hampstead Norreys, just off Junction 13 on the M4. Yes… in the UK. Vastly smaller than the real thing, it was interesting to see some of the animals and plants in their non-native environment for a bit of comparison. A great visit, its £8.75 each for adults & £6.75 for children (family ticket available) for an annual pass. I can’t believe we’ve lived in Reading for four years and only recently found that this place existed!

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Gallery: Our Leaving BBQ

IMG_2128.JPGThis weekend we had our leaving do, a hilariously emotional affair that tied in nicely with Steve’s birthday. Nestling in between bouts of rain and gusts of wind, the weather for the actual bbq itself was beautiful, and once everybody had their beer jackets on it was pretty warm in the evening too!

Already looking forward to Musical Chairs for our return do (must retain my title) and I also think we have an entrant for Britain’s Got Talent in the contortionist category! We’d like to give a special mention to Kerry & Graham for joint-hosting the event and supplying many tables and chairs, Ryan for a stirling job on the bbq and keeping everyone fed, Rich for merrily rallying around Wiltshire to pick up my camera lens, and Michael Michael for drawing an awesome Octopus on our birthday map.

Thanks to everybody once again for the cards etc – it was a cracking way to depart, with many emotional goodbyes. Cheers… see you soon!

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Gallery: Wedding Highlights

weddinghundred-27.JPGFinally! A selection of the over two thousand photos of our wedding we’ve been sent, including from the official photographer, available in one easy to digest album. If you want the “director’s cut”, then see the full 350+ photos here. There’s even talk of the thank you cards going out soon… :)

For those that are interested, we’re also going to let you know who the various people we worked with to help us put things together, so if you need any help with your own wedding (catering, tailors, photographers etc) then these will all come highly recommended.
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Gallery: Ilgwid

ilgwid-38.JPGI’m still playing with the various methods of displaying photos on our blog, currently I am running with Picasa to manage the photos (which is a fantastic program), Picasa to sync them to the web, and then using a WordPress plugin called Shashin to actually display them on this site. It doesn’t do everything I’d like, but then nothing does, and its close enough for now! :)

This particular gallery represents a lot of hard work by Lynette’s dad, my dad, and allegedly myself at certain points (most recently Wednesday when the new tenant’s dishwasher sprung a leak), in refurbishing a flat we purchased to rent out and help fund us while we’re away. Its some damn fine DIY if we do say so ourselves! Now we’re just hurriedly trying to get our own house finished… anyway, enjoy, I’m still testing, lets see how good we can make this blog look.

It’ll Look Good When Its Done!
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